Uryu U-Series Wrenches

uryu u-series wrenches uryu u series wrenches


The Uryu “U-WRENCH” is a combination tool of a standard air motor and a hydraulic pulse unit utilizing one-blade impulsing mechanism. The high speed rotation of the air motor increases the oil pressure quickly in the front pulse unit to deliver repeated hydraulic pulse powers to the anvil for bolt and nut fastening and loosening job.


The UX series tools have twin Driving Blades in oil pulse unit and generate higher torque output with lighter weight (Better Power-to- Weight Ratio), which is furnished to UX-450 ~UX-1620 series.


Rollers on Anvil in Liner are provided to have perfect contact between Anvil and Liner in the UXR series. The patented technology is applied specially to larger tools such as UXR-1820~UXR-3000S.