Fasten it with Cordless Error Proofing Tools – from full NIST traceable Data output to simple OK/NOK signals – we have a solutions to ensure your product is built right every time!

Freedom for cords and cables allows you to work in areas previously not possible!

Errorproofing on a full line of Bosch Rexroth NEXO cordless electric tools for optimal operator maneuverability. These tools feature the world’s only on-board controller that determines fastening sequence and acceptance. The tools have the ability to securely transmit their fastening data to a data interface via a wireless transceiver. Infrastructure costs and set up drop exponentially! Errorproofing is enhanced by providing ergonomic assembly tools at the workstation. Making the cell easier to work in while providing traceable data is a win for everybody.
Bosch Bluetooth BT systems provide a very cost effective way to simultaneously control upto 7 tools. OK/NOK and control back to the line has never been simpler to use. An excellent alternative when traceable data is not required but line control is.
Sometimes you cannot easily fit a power tool into an application but still need to track the torque and angle of every bolt in an open source environment. Crane IQ/IQ2 Advanced Angle  wrenches and related torque analysis equipment control the data of every bolt and the new Wrench master from Crane and ProSuite software provide full process control of not just the wrench but the entire process which can easily and wire-lessly used on board the tool and you can add a simple tablet to show the whole process without a wire.
Sturtevant Richmont has a full line of controllable click wrenches that can be easily integrated with our Bosch Bluetooth tools to provide a simple integrated controller for basic counting and OK readings from their wireless click wrenches
Give us a call, we have a solution for your process!

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