Bosch Multi-Channel Controllers


Bosch SB356 System BoxBosch Rexroth BT356 Rack System
Bosch BT356 Card Rack

SB356, 6 Channel Controller, Rack Mount RT 356 and Modular cabinets are all available and easily configuarable

Slide components in and out to grow as your companies grows! Same software as all controllers and of course, backed by the best warranty in the business.

  • Compact multi-channel control system for up to 5 fixtured tools – smallest footprint of all manufacturers
  • Optional network coupler allows system to link up to 40 tools by connecting with multiple modules
  • Modular construction allows expansion by adding additional controller/amplifier cards as needed
  • Integrated Ethernet, USB, and Serial Interfaces; 24V I/O, Fieldbus, and network options available
  • Fully enclosed IP54-rated housing with lockable disconnect
  • Integrated transformer allows flexible 380-500VAC 3 phase input
  • Functions in temperatures up to 45C / 113F without additional cooling
  • Wall or base mountable

modular individual components make up the system

Component Cards easily slide in and out of the NEMA IP54 controller - find both here

VM, SE, LT, KE and network cards

On-board PLC with IL models!

1- 6 channels in the worlds smallest Box

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choose a card slide it in, configure the system at will.

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assorted anybus cards

Anybus system allows you to control the tools with the cards you prefer

change anytime without other hardware changes

multiple available- EtherNetIP, EtherCat, ProfiNet, DEviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, 24 V cards

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cables and accessories

Hand Held or Fixtured tools, find your cable here

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BS350 V2.x Software


BOSCH Process Control Software

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Control up to 40 channels from 1 location

Rack can be intergrated into a larger Customer Provided Panel

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Catalogue | Technical Drawings

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High Flex Robotic cables

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Single or Multi Channel Controllers

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Controller Software

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Ergospin accessories

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sockets and bits

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Catalogues | Technical Drawings

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