Nexo NXA Angled

  • Browser-based software Bosch Rexroth NXA 3.6-50 Nm 850 rpm
  • Ultra-precise measuring system
  • TFT screen
  • Browser-based software
  • world`s first on-board controller

Nexo Angle NXA030S With Barcode Scanner

0 608842007NXA015S-36V-B*HANDHELD NUTRUNNER NXA015S 9-30 NM

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Nexo Angle NXA050S

0 608842003NXA050S-36VHANDHELD NUTRUNNER NXA050S 3-15 NM

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Nexo Angle NXA050S With Barcode Scanner

0 608842008NXA015S-36V -B*HANDHELD NUTRUNNER NXA015S 15-50 NM

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Nexo Angle NXA065S

0 608842013NXA065S-36VHANDHELD NUTRUNNER NXA030S 20-65 NM

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Nexo Angle NXA065S With Barcode Scanner

0 608842014NXA065S-36V-B*HANDHELD NUTRUNNER NXA015S 20-65 NM

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Everything you need to make you cordless tools match your production needs!

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nexo browser based software

  • Easy set-up as additional software installation is not necessary. Operating software can be used without local installation.
  • Independence from end devices provides complete flexibility. Access to the browser-based software is not dependent on operating system nor end device.
  • You can access the Nexo software by using any webbrowser enabled device

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