Any Assembly and the entire work process can be analyzed. If you can trace it, you can improve it. Full guidance systems that are interactive, Intuitive and easy to set up all from the industry leaders in getting it done right the first time. Core Tool Technologies and Bosch Rexroth are here with proven technologies to help!

Although we recognize that guidance systems are primarily used in Automotive assembly with superb products like the NEXO tool. IT doesn’t have to be just fastneing where this technology has potential.  Multiple industries neeed an entire process to be organized. Guidance systems allow this to easily be set up and accomplished.

Using Bosch Rexroth’s new OGS -Operator Guidance Solution software we can use a guided sequence to replace multiple tools with only 1! A process that is measured can be managed!

  • Complete controlled process integrates and simplifies all programming
  • Easily Customizable to fit your production process –
  • Comprehensive operator guidance – step by step visual guide of not just the tightening process but the entire process!
  • Describe the steps in the process through a simple integrated GUI logic platform, set limits for each step, follow the visual guide start to finish
  • Decrease the risk of rework with scalable technology that doesn’t break the budget
  • Eliminates time consuming rework or questionable production in any environment. Automotive,  Aerospace or Medical –
  • Increase accuracy and quality of operations
  • Reduce training requirements. Once implemented changes are easy and completely custom. PLC programmers or dedicated integrators’ are not required when you want to make changes giving increased flexibility and control.

Call us today for a in-plant demonstration, This is new, inexpensive technology that works!

Nexo Angle 3-65 Nm NXA

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