Lots of talk, now its time to move to the Factory of the Future with the experts from Core Tool and Bosch Rexroth’s Smart MechantroniX platform.  Smart Handling SPH and Smart Dispensing SPD products are new, critically acclaimed and well worth the wait!

SPH  – Next generation handling systems

Based on a Cartesian robot, this mechatronic subsystem moves components or workpieces precisely and reliably in a defined space. Proven Rexroth linear axes are combined with innovative control technology and software to create a perfectly tailored system solution. Everything from a single source.

Simple Steps

1- Easy product selection & configuration

  • Pre-selected mechanical and electrical components as well as software are combined in various kits
  • Quick and easy design, selection and configuration with modern e-tools
  • All components from a single supplier

2- Plug & Produce

  • Delivered in a single package, including preinstalled operating software
  • Quick guided commissioning in a wizard with automatic parameterization of the servo drive

3- Zero Programming

  • Easy graphical programming requiring no knowledge of programming
  • Browser-based web HMI for various end devices with a modern design

4- Open interfaces

  • Functional modules allow quick connection to higher-level control systems
  • IoT connection via OPC-UA
  • Data access via ReST API

A wide range of applications

The Smart Function Kit is the perfect ready-to-install mechatronic positioning and handling solution for automation technology, whether as a pick and place robot in logistics, machine assembly, packaging technology or in assembly processes.

Concerned about new product introductions to your plant? Don’t be.

  • You don’t need to be a PLC programmer to set up the system
  • Easily Customizable to fit your production process – including pre-written code to talk with supported PLC’s
  • Common Platforms across all “SMART” products- non-propriatory “open concept.
  • Incredible speed and accuracy over Robots
  • Part alignment compensation through the Smart Flex Effector
  • Eliminates time consuming rework or questionable production in any environment. Automotive,  Aerospace or Medical –
  • Reduce training requirements. Once implemented changes are easy and completely custom. PLC programmers or dedicated integrators’ are not required when you want to make changes giving increased flexibility and control.

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