Delta Regis – Torque Tools – Full Catalogue

Delta Regis Tools, Inc. is a manufacturer of High Quality Torque Controlled Electric Screwdrivers and Accessories, Precision Screw Presenters, Torque Measurement Equipment.” Below is the full PDF Catalogue and select videos for Delta Regis Tools. It is recommended for the PDF to load before continuing navigation. delta-regis-cat2015_final_lores-cover   pdf icon 28-Page   DeltaRegis Catalog 2015 (3.28MB PDF) Catalogue includes details on screwdrivers, tool support (torque reaction arms), torque testers, screw feeders, accessories and more.   [hr]

*NEW*                                                                                         *NEW*


 All new CESL8 Series Torque Controlled Brushless Electric Screwdrivers
CESL8 Series Brushless Electric Screwdrivers and Controllers offer increased functionality for drivers that are paired with Count-Verify Controllers and I/O Modules. Upgrades
18V Cordless Drivers
Introducing the all new ESB6 Series 18V Cordless Electric Screwdrivers with Brushless Motors. Eliminate annoying cables from your work space and add full mobility with Delta Regis Cordless Electric Screwdrivers! Torque range covers 3.5 – 22 Nm. Models available with external or internal torque adjustment. Catalog
Drivers with Built-In Count/Verify
Delta Regis ICESL Drivers add COUNT/VERIFY functionality to our Premium DC Brushless Shut-off Clutch Screwdrivers Catalog
40V Brushless Electric Screwdriver Models
Our 40V Brushless Series Electric Drivers are currently being updated with many new model numbers. The new models offer wider torque capability from a single tool and increase the maximum torque range of the product line to 18 Nm. Catalog [hr]

ALL NEW ESL2 Series Micro Driver:

ERGO-25 with 40VDC Screwdriver:

DRFF Screw presenter Video: