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  • Sometimes, even though you want the best, your specific application is in a limited run, you just need to get by or we happen to have something unique that is application specific. In these cases, brand new tooling costs cannot be justified

Multiple Tool Types, Pistol, Pistol w/angle head, Angle Head and “specials”

Pre-Owned Tools

Sometimes, even though you want the best, your specific application is in a limited run, you just need to get by or we happen to have something unique that is application specific. In these cases, brand new tooling costs cannot be justified.

These tools are fully tested to the original manufacturers’ specifications, or in some cases, as is, which will be specifically marked. We offer a 90 day warranty on all pre-owned tools against manufacturer’s defects, parts & labour included. Some tools are brand new in boxes and will be identified as such.

Typical Assembly brands include Atlas Copco,  Apex, CP, |Ingersoll Rand, Universal, Sturtevant Richmont, Tohnichi, Sioux, Bosch, George Renault and Delta Regis.. the stock changes constantly so check back often and feel free to call. Products include Torque wrenches, Digital Analysis equipment,  Sockets and Bits, DC electric and air screwdrivers and nut runners. We also have a very large selection of drills, grinders of all types, pulse tools and impacts to suitr ever torque and budget. We have service parts as well and are all constantly being cycled through this division.

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COL2 04 S

  • Part Number 8202 0776 01
  • Features a double braking system for applications with exceedingly high safety requirements which allows for quick tool change
  • Load is weightless and will not pull back when released which results in stress reduction in the operators muscles
  • cable lock in the event of spring failure
  • capacity of 6.6 lbs to 13.2 lbs


  • Part Number 8431 0261 48
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Fast accurate tightening
  • No reaction force
  • Torque range 14-28 Nm
  • 1/4″ quick chuck


  • Part Number 8425 0225 58
  • Used mainly for cleaning work and hole-making in the building industry, heavy engineering industry and in foundries
  • Have a blow rate which makes them particularly suitable for roughening
  • highly dependable because of their robust construction


    • Part Number 8423 0706 27
    • 8500 rpm
    • 0.8 hp

LTV22 R07-10

    • Part Number 8431 0269 80
    • Torque Range 1.5-5.2 ftlb
    • Excellent screwdriver for access in limited spaces and awkward positions
    • Rapid shut-off mechanism means accurate tightening
    • Lubricatiotiontion-free

LTV18 R07-6

    • Part Number 8431 0326 72
    • Torque Range 3.5-7 Nm
    • 700 rpm


    • Part Number 8431 0278 43
    • Slip clutch
    • Straight tool with lever start
    • 1000 rpm

RBB-09 P

    • Part Number 8426 1510 20
    • 3960 Blows per minute
    • Vibration – Controlled/Damped Bucking Bars

LUF24 HR012

    • Part Number 8431 0247 70
    • Direct Drive model with traditional grip
    • 1600 rpm

LBB 16 EP024

    • Part Number 8421 0108 20
    • 2400 rpm
    • Lubrication-free motor
    • Soft grip
    • Sensitive trigger
    • Adjustable air exhaust
    • Max working pressure 101.53 psi

LUM32 HR15

    • Part Number 8431 0269 91
    • Torque Range 7.5-15.5 Nm
    • 450 rpm
    • Max working pressure 100 psi


    • Part Number 8431 0375 04
    • Torque Range 6-13 Nm
    • Torque Range 4.4-9.6
    • 7000 rpm
    • Pistol Grip Pulse with shut-off clutch


    • Part Number 8411 0308 21
    • Air Motor
    • 360 rpm
    • Compact in design, light in weight
    • Particularly suited to building into handheld machines, and also many different types of industrial equipment


    • Part Number 8431 0261 30
    • Ergo Pulse
    • Torque Range 14-28 Nm

LBV24 S032-90

    • Part Number (side exhaust) 8421 0206 55
    • Part Number (rear exhaust) 84210214 30
    • Angle Drill
    • Operated with a lever throttle
    • Low noise level
    • Low air consumption
    • Side exhaust/rear exhaust
    • Lubrication-free design
    • 140W
    • 3200 rpm

Side Exhaust



Rear Exhaust



ACTA 3000 b Data Analyzer

    • Provides you with a complete tool database in which you have easy access to all the information you need regarding torque measuring and analyzing
    • Systematically controls the status of your tools during their entire life cycle-34 Series
    • Keeps track of tightening data, calibration data, service history, application analyses, purchase details, supplier information, etc
    • Controls and reminds when it is time for tool calibration and/or preventive maintenance (PM)
    • Measures torque and angle
    • Calibrate your tools and check basic statistics

Atlas Copco Pistol Grip Electric Nutrunner ETP S4-10-I06-CTADS *picture pending*

    • Pistol grip tool for both hand held and fixtured applications
    • Torque range from 3Nm to 12 Nm/ 735 RPM
    • Female Hex drives for bits

Atlas Copco Pistol Grip Nutrunner LMP51 H001-25

    • Patented standard twin motors give faster production and an increased accuracy with a minimum of air consumption
    • Very high torque accuracy 345-695 , 125 rpm stall tool- reaction bar included
    • The swiveling function facilitates tool positioning
    • Fast rundown motor for time saving
    • Extremely good weight to torque output ration compared to single motor pistol grip nutrunners

Delta Regis ESL113 AC Electric Screwdriver

    • 0.1-1.4 Nm 1000/700 rpm  RPM selectable
    • New tool but older model, requires ECT100 power supply -not included
    • Can convert this to pistol grip as option (sold separately)

Georges Renault ERP5L 02B13329 CP & Cable CR-CVI 61591 70720 LOT 02F281 03502255

    • 1.7-5 Nm
    • 2000 RPM

Altas Copco EP12 PTHR10 Pulse Tool

    • Pneumatic pulse tool

Bosch Production Tools Straight Screwdriver with Push Start

    • Shut-off clutch
    • 0.06Nm to 1Nm Tightening Application
    • Part #0 607 459 203/ 0 607 459 204/ 0 607 459 205

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