CRANE JRS OPTA AND MTTS TROLLEYS MTTS WITH ON-BOARD POWER includes T-Switch, Printer, Reaction Arm & Sockets, CRANE CAL-530-0-0-0-0

Key Features

  • Torque or Force indicator and Data Collector
  • A threaded fastener and nut
  • Fully automated quick release of fastener and variable Joint rate from soft to hard
  • Tool testing in accordance with VDI/VDE2647
  • Comprehensive management software (OMS)
  • Torque, Angle and Impulse count
  • Track, Peak, 1st Peak (Click) and Pulse measurement
  • Standard versions available in 330, 500 and 1000Nm


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The tJRS Opta is the only fully automated Joint Test Bench that is based on a threaded fastener. This means that Joint conditions can be set up in the same way as in real fastener applications, and also the Joint can be automatically “backed off”. As a result, tools can be tested offline under the most realistic conditions of any automated Joint Simulator Bench, in a quick and efficient manner. Traditionally, automated Joint Test Bench’s have used friction brake systems in place of a threaded fastener. The reasons for this were to overcome the two main issues which are having to reverse, or back-off, after each rundown and the cumbersome nature of re-configuring the joint characteristic. Whilst friction brakes can easily be reset, removing the back-off issue, they introduce many of their own problems often resulting in the simulator having significantly different properties to actual Joints the tools will be used on. Crane’s tJRS Torque Test Bench sets the standard for accurate and precision torque management.
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