CRANE UTA Stationary Transducers 1/4″ 11.3Nm/100inlbf FEMALE STATIONARY, CRANE UTA-165-0-25

Key Features

  • Torque or Force indicator and Data Collector
  • A threaded fastener and nut
  • Fully automated quick release of fastener and variable Joint rate from soft to hard
  • Tool testing in accordance with VDI/VDE2647
  • Comprehensive management software (OMS)
  • Torque, Angle and Impulse count
  • Track, Peak, 1st Peak (Click) and Pulse measurement
  • Standard versions available in 330, 500 and 1000Nm


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Crane’s UTA and IS torque wrenches have proven reliability in the workplace. UTA and IS wrenches measure the torque applied directly to the fastener during the assembly operation or overcheck inspection, communicating the data to a suitable indicator for immediate verification and subsequent data collection. The transducer element of the wrench is directly in line with the drive, thus making the wrench measurement completely independent of the point of load. This means that the operator can be assured of a correct measurement however the wrench is held and torque applied – particularly useful in limited access situations. UTA wrenches form a key part of the Crane UTA torque system, enabling plug and play operation with Crane readout devices. On board intelligence means the UTA wrench is automatically recognised by the Crane readout device, eliminating set-up errors and enabling logging of serial number against measurements for complete traceability. An Industry Standard (IS) version is also available, without Auto ID, where a user needs the features of the Crane wrench but already has a readout device from another manufacturer.
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