Kistler maXYmos NC Platform

XY Monitors maXYmos for 100% Quality in Assembly and Product Testing

The maXYmos XY monitors make it possible to check and evaluate the quality of a product or production step on the basis of a curve. The user can apply evaluation objects in order to adapt the curve evaluation to the individual monitoring task. Based on this specification, the maXYmos can check each workpiece and decide whether the part is good or bad.


Detailed brochure? Applications
  • TL: Contact force
  • Torque
  • Press-fitting
  • TL: Snap-fitting
  • BL: Manual presses
  • Insertion force
  • Closure
  • Tactile behavior
  • Caulking
  • TL: Rotary switch
  • TL: Engaging
  • Riveting
See above brochure for information on these models: maXYmos BL (Basic Level) maXYmos TL (Top Level) maXYmos NC maXYmos PC
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