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Custom Torque Reaction Systems – Custom Engineered Equipment that requires Professional, Knowledgeable Sales Personnel from Core Tool Technologies.


Torque Reaction Arms

  • Up to 7,500 Nm
  • 12 tooling configurations
  • Custom tool integration
  • AdaptiCS smart arm ready
  • Minimal deflection
  • Multi-axis torque reaction


  1. Torque Reaction Systems – Overhead Dual mount, Floor (pedestal) Mount,  and Overhead mount




  1. Carbon Fiber Composite Technology adapted  

Carbon Fiber Composite Technology

Up to 20’ reach / 1,000 lb. lift capacity / 7500 Nm torque reaction

Carbon fiber composite technology provides the most ergonomic and lightweight material handling systems in the industry. These systems are lighter than any equivalent steel system and offer great rigidity at extended reaches.

Core Tool Technologies is proud to represent GCI Engineered Solutions carbon fiber technology for articulated arm systems used in assembly for both torque reaction and material handling applications. The result of over 5 years of R&D, these new systems provide the most ergonomic and lightweight solution available in the industry. Constructed using the latest advancements, these arms are far lighter than any metal product while providing the same durability as steel.

Position Recognition System SMART Arms… never miss a bolt!

  1.  AdaptiCS Smart Arm – True positional system with integrated HMI and software. Push a  button to program. Works with any tool


The AdaptiCS Smart Arm is the ultimate position recognition system.  Smart arms are able to guide the operator in programmable torque patterns as well as count fasteners required for correct assembly.

Error Proofing

AdaptiCS Smart Arms error-proof your assembly process by enabling the torque tool to operate only when it is at the correct location, sequence step (optional), and that the appropriate torque program is used at each location.

Quality Assurance

These systems are very precise and can be changed in minutes with no special software. It is able to integrate with plant manufacturing execution software or allow for custom programming.


  • Encoded torque tool tip positioning
  • Precision accuracy achieved by proprietary calibration
  • Bi-directional arm articulation tracking
  • Open custom programming by end user via AdaptiCS
  • Controlled joint calibration
  • Consistent, inconsistent, and moving parts capabilities
  • Process linking to support and force process workflow
  • Multiple rework strategies to fit customer requirements
  • Full torque/angle results display
  • User-friendly, intuitive setup and programming
  • Error proof for the operator
  • 24 VDC I/O options available for fixture positioning and control
  • Configurable security
  • Flexibility to integrate into any line control (PLC, MES, or other)
  • AdaptiCS enterprise for full line control, interlocks, and data collection
  • Batch count control for entire station
  • Tool-manufacturer independent (ethernet open protocol)
  • Other offerings available upon request

User Interface

  • Supports picture display
  • PDF work-instruction display
  • Multiple part locate strategies [part-location? part-locator?]
  • Fully programmable dynamic work-process display
  • Infinite part program capability

Talk with one our engineers to learn more about this dynamic system.



Universal Specifications for common arms, all custom amrs are available in any length or configuration styles within engineering limits

  • Reach: 1-8′ , 10′ , 12′ , 16′ ,or 20′
  • Vertical travel: 48′, 60′, or 72′
  • > 10:1 Safety Factor
  • CE certification
  • Mount: modular floor, overhead, low-profile, and portable configurations
  • Parking Brakes
  • Leveling on all joints to achieve “no drift”
  • Minimal arm inertia due to reduced weight resulting in unparalleled push/pull forces exerted on the operator.
  • Up to 500 lb. part weight
  • Very conducive for portable use (arm moves with minimal effort regardless if it is level)
  • Variable thumb lever or dual-balance lift controls
  • Fail-safe check valve
  • Minimal push/pull force (as little as 2 lbs.)
  • Fatigue resistant due to carbon fiber strength

Call or email us with your application requirements. We have the knowledge and specializated skills to ensure optimal ergonomics and bullet-proof engineering. We look forward to hearing from you!